Sleeping newborn. Her mother is holding her/him in her arms on her/his belly
Making a difference in life through healthy sleep habits
Every parent wishes that their baby would sleep well through the night as soon as possible, as sleep deprivation negatively impacts the balance and dynamic of the entire family. Based on your parenting style, your family environment, your baby's temperament and other important factors, I will design a customized program and guide you to help you reach your goal of a solid and healthy sleeping pattern for your child. My unique approach is based on my deep experience and has been refined over the years. With love, commitment and consistency, every parent can achieve this important milestone and enjoy peaceful nights of good sleep for all.


My name is Patricia Bouissou. I am a Sleep Specialist and a Certified Pediatric Nurse. Trained in France, I worked for many years with parents and their newborns, including with sick and premature infants in a hospital. I specialize in helping parents and their infants find their way to healthy, sustaining sleep. The foundation of a happy, healthy childhood is proper sleep – and proper sleep begins with parents who understand how to guide their infants in the right direction. I receive immense gratification from helping families find the right formula for their unique set of circumstances and the particular temperaments of their children. With my mix of European and American sensibilities, I am able to offer my clients the best of what works in both cultures.
Owner of The Sleeping Infant
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"Patricia's approach in helping and supporting parents with their infant's sleep challenges is thoughtful, efficient and pragmatic."

Annette Hwang, MD

Menlo Medical Clinic

Stanford Hospital and Clinics