Celebrating families who had their lives transformed by peaceful nights

I was at my wit's end when I reached out to Patricia. I cannot express how grateful I am that we used her services. Despite the fact that our 6 month old, Inez, was clearly exhausted, she simply could not sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time. Whatever we were doing was not working. It was incredibly stressful! Patricia helped us "listen" to what Inez was telling us and to respond accordingly. Patricia guided us on how to respond to Inez's cues not only at bedtime but also during her waking/play hours. Patricia takes into account each baby's needs as a unique human being.  It is a myth that lack of sleep is a necessary evil of parenting. It is a lot easier to be a patient parent, a loving partner, and kind to yourself when you've had a good night's sleep. Now that Inez falls asleep easily and consistently, our evenings are comprised of quietly cooking dinner, chatting about our day, or taking turns to go out with friends. This is in stark contrast to the chaos and exasperation of just one week prior to beginning to work with Patricia. I am a much more adept and resilient parent and, just as importantly, I am a happier human being!

Shaadi A


As a family, we were struggling due to my one-year old inconsistent sleep patterns. This being my second child, I thought I wouldn't have the same issues as I did with my older child. It seems I had made the same mistakes all over again (at least I was consistent with my mistakes). After about a year of struggling and not sleeping, all four of us were cranky, frustrated and getting upset at small things. I thought we needed to do something to fix this Family and fix it ASAP. The start of all that was that everyone gets a good night sleep! I was referred to Patricia through another mother who had used her services and was raving about how quickly things had changed for her family. During the initial phone conversation with Patricia, I felt she provided some feedback that made me think: “yes this is the answer”. She came for an in-home assessment and provided some initial comments of minor changes we could make right away. We discussed everyone's sleep, eating and general family schedule as her approach not only helps the infant that needs sleep training but what the whole family goals and needs are. She gave me pointers to help my older child. I liked that her approach is holistic, and Patricia was very clear to ask what our expectations were and what we were comfortable with. I feel like there is so much practical sleep advice out there, yet none of them tackle the emotional aspects of putting them into practice. It felt to me that Patricia was there with me the entire week during implementation phase. She was available to support me for naps and at bedtime. She could also suspect when I was feeling overwhelmed and we would then have a call. She kept reminding me that I needed to take care of myself too! After following her sleep plan, my little one was sleeping consistently during the day and sleeping through the night. Now a month into it, we as family are all getting better sleep. I could not have asked for anything more!


Dikisha and Himanshu R.


Our son Nathan has always had a hard time with daytime naps and was also staying awake for long periods at night. We were lucky if he got 1-2 naps during the day. He was very colicky and when night time came; we had difficulty getting him down to sleep. 

We were desperate to have Nathan get some better sleep. One of my friends had used Patricia and highly recommended her so I decided to contact her and see if she could help when Nathan was three months old.


Patricia was very calm and professional. She was able to do a home visit two days after I called her which was a huge relief. I must admit I was skeptical that she could help us right away since his sleep issues had been going on for a while and seemed to get worse. This made me feel hopeless.

I saw immediate results while Patricia was at our home for the visit. Nathan was tired, Patricia showed me how to get him to fall asleep. He was able to fall asleep on his own for the first time within 5 minutes. He also went down that night without the usual fuss and was able to fall asleep on his own. 

She gave us practical advice and provided recommendations that were effective. 

Just a few weeks after the initial consult; Nathan is now able to take regular naps and fall asleep on his own. He is also sleeping better at night with fewer night feedings and is going back to sleep much quicker and on his own.

Our family is thankful Patricia was able to help Nathan with his sleep routine. As a result we are all sleeping better!

Rujeko N. & Luis V.

As first time parents, my husband and I found ourselves making all the sleep mistakes with our newborn without even knowing it. After months of almost little to no sleep and our little one waking up every 2 hours, we knew we needed to make a change so my husband and I decided to call Patricia by way of referral from a friend. Her caring, loving, and judgment-free approach is what helped us sleep train our daughter. Patricia was always available to answer our questions in moments of complete panic. She helped ease us through several stressful situations and made us feel confident that we can handle difficult, crying-filled moments with our little one. She also helped us realize that with some guidance, love, and patience our daughter is a great sleeper and just needed to be taught good sleeping habits. 


Once we began her training we saw results instantly on the first night. By the end of our training our 4-month-old went from waking up 3-4 times in the middle of the night to sleeping 8 hours, only 1 night feeding, and putting herself to sleep for naps and bedtime.  We would have never been able to accomplish this major milestone without the help of Patricia. She is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her. She will change your life in the best way possible!

Natassia K. & Jonathan T.


Patricia came to our attention through our post-partum doula, whose praise of her personalized methodology and intuitive attitude encouraged us to seek out her advice early on. Our daughter Daphne was adjusting to her change in sleep patterns at 3 months, and we quickly saw ourselves lose all shreds of sleep. After two weeks of suddenly sleepless nights, we reached out to Patricia, who made immediate room for us, (thank goodness!) After our initial consult -- before we'd even received the sleep plan -- Daphne slept better than she had in weeks. Within one week of support, our daughter went from up every hour or so, to sleeping through the night; (she even began rolling over!) We cannot speak higher of Patricia's work. She is an absolute expert, and we simply could not be more grateful.

Marie-Clare & Andrew G.


After successfully sleep training my first daughter with minimal intervention, I thought I knew all there was to know about nap routines & proper bedtime techniques.  So when a friend recommended Patricia to me after the birth of my second daughter, Harlow, I arrogantly dismissed it.  Then, after a year of sleepless nights, I finally called Patricia.

Patricia came to the house to kick-off our week-long program.  She's lovely, and very knowledgable about all things "kids". We went over the girls' schedule, diet, behavior & sleep environments. She made suggestions on all fronts, and assured me that really, we were doing a lot right! She left me that day with a few suggestions for improving the kids' sleeping arrangements, which we implemented right away. The very first night, we noticed an improvement in sleep quality. Patricia then delivered a thorough sleep plan, and followed up with us every day for a week. The most beneficial thing - besides the improvement in sleep - was to have someone take the guess work out of our approach to achieving quality sleep for the whole family.  As parents, we face so many difficult choices every single day - it can be overwhelming.  Patricia completely eliminated a piece of the stress and uncertainty that I'd shouldered for over a year.  Harlow has responded beautifully to the changes we made, and the whole family is reaping the benefits!   

Lauren F. 


Working with Patricia was wonderful. Our 5-month-old son was taking very short naps and suffering from sleep regressions. He was struggling with being unswaddled, and we were unsure about whether his pacifier use was helping or making matters worse. All of the sleep books seemed to have contradictory advice, and we couldn't find anything to help us achieve longer naps. Within a matter of days of starting work with Patricia, our son (and we) were able to enjoy easy bedtimes, long naps, and uninterrupted sleep at night. We were stunned by how well Patricia's methods worked without being stressful for us, either. We loved being able to text and email questions to Patricia on the fly, and she really tailored our plan to our son's temperament and needs. Patricia gave us the confidence to know we were making good choices for our son's sleep. We're so glad we worked with her! 

Katie & Nick

I am a big believer that babies feed off of our energy and Patricia’s philosophy of using calm and patience to nurture good habits really resonated with us.  While working together to sleep/nap train our twins, Patricia figured out ways to accommodate new challenges that arose but also gave us the confidence in our own ability to help our children learn to self-soothe.  I can’t believe just a month ago we would have to shush and rock and feed the twins for hours, and now they eagerly and happily go down for naps and nighttime sleep - and stay asleep!


What I appreciated the most - perhaps especially so as first-time parents - is that we never felt rushed in our conversations with her and never felt judged by our million silly questions.  Patricia is a wise, warm soul.  We wholeheartedly trust her and would recommend her to any of our friends.

Neema & Preetham R.

We reached out to Patricia after a friend recommended her to us. Our little girl had just turned 4 months and had hit the dreaded sleep regression, waking up every 1.5 hours all night long. Patricia's thorough assessment of our daily routine, our daughter's sleeping space, and development produced a detailed and customized sleeping plan that we implemented right away. We were able to reach out to Patricia with questions during bedtime and she provided thoughtful advice and support that helped us get through those first few nights. Now our little one is sleeping much, much better -- which means we are, too! We can't thank Patricia enough for her help and wholeheartedly recommend her services. 


Ellie M. 

My husband and I contacted Patricia at the recommendation of a friend. We had been struggling with inconsistent sleeping since our son was 3 months and by 6 1/2 months we were beyond knowing what to do. It would take hours to put him to sleep - nursing and rocking and then once he was put down he'd wake up and the cycle would start over. He'd also wake in the middle of the night and would be up for hours. We should have contacted Patricia months before. It would have saved us time and lost sleep! She immediately narrowed in on the issues, was able to give us a solid realistic plan to follow and was readily available and willing once we started the plan to coach us through implementing it. It took about four days to start seeing a change and about 10 days to really solidify the new program. Now he sleeps 12-12.5 hours a night, goes to sleep awake in his bed when put down without crying at night and for naps, and overall he is just a much happier baby because he is well rested. It is so rewarding as a parent to see your baby happy to go to sleep and to wake up. Thank you for giving us the gift of sleep (for all of us)!

Lily M.


We were undecided about the necessity of hiring a sleep coach with our second baby.  The second time around you assume you need less help - but we now know, that is quite incorrect.  We find that with the second we don't have the time or energy to think about action plans and execute them.  So when our 3 month old starting having sleep issues, we were unable to deal with the issue calmly and deliberately.  We hired Patricia and it was worth every penny!

Patricia has the perfect demeanor for this kind of work.  She is kind and thoughtful, but somehow also firm and direct about what needs to happen.  We were honestly afraid that our own indecision and guilt about sleep training would lead to hemming and hawing from Patricia.  That couldn't be farther from the truth.  Patricia came up with a plan for us, it was clear and easily enacted, and she did not waver.  We shared the plan with our nanny and she too found it very easy to adhere to.  During the implementation, she was there to support us and tell us we were all doing a good job.  It's very hard to know you are doing the right thing as a parent and we found that Patricia's encouragement helped us to find the confidence needed for sleep training.  We achieved our sleep goals and felt good about how we did it.

Julia O.


This was absolutely one of the best decisions we've made. We hit the dreaded 4 month regression and our baby who had been a great sleeper was waking several times a night and would only fall asleep while feeding. Naps were hour-long battles for 45 minutes of sleep. Patricia came to our home to meet us, asked us questions about how days typically go, observed Stella's sleep space, and waited for nap time to see what the challenges were for us. The next day, Patricia sent us a schedule and a plan written in a way that made "sleep training" seem less scary and much more manageable. As soon as we received the plan I began using the techniques Patricia recommended, and from that very first nap we were putting Stella down in her bed awake, and she was falling asleep on her own, without feeding. Patricia's support during the implementation was so valuable because it helped us stay consistent and confident. The whole process has felt much more gentle and less scary with Patricia's guidance. Our lives already feel so different - we are all well-rested, and the days are predictable and so much more fun. 

Samantha W.


My husband Matt and I were thrilled to become second time parents when we found out we were expecting our daughter Blakeley. Her brother was only 15 months when she was born, and in his first year of life we successfully tackled sleep and had him sleeping through the night at 7 months.  We anticipated some newborn sleep challenges with Blakeley but certainly weren’t prepared to be dealing with one to two wake-ups per night at 17 months.  After pulling out many tricks from our old hat we realized we needed help and found Patricia from a trusted friend.  From the first phone consult with Patricia to the end of our ten day plan, I knew we had found the perfect support provider for our family. Patricia visited our home to meet our kids, see our environment, and ask my husband and I questions to really understand and pinpoint our challenges.  Her presence in our home was warm and throughout her stay she interacted with Blakeley and Easton, listened to Matt and I, asked clarifying questions. The plan was direct, simple to follow, and aligned with our parenting style.  We began implementing the strategies and relied heavily on Patricia’s support each morning as we reviewed the previous nights challenges and adjusted accordingly.  Patricia’s gentle and nurturing nature towards our family was greatly appreciated throughout the duration of the program. She was always available and went above and beyond to make sure Matt and I were comfortable every step of the way.  We are thrilled to report that Blakeley has slept through the night consistently upon completing the plan and should we need further support, we will not hesitate to contact Patricia!

Trish S.

Blakeley & Easton

Working with Patricia changed our lives and saved our sanity. Prior to starting our sleep program, our three month old son would only sleep in our arms or in his car seat while driving. He would occasionally sleep beside me in bed if I nursed him all night long. My husband and I were barely sleeping, couldn't really function with a baby in our arms. As first time parents, we'd tried everything - swaddling, un-swaddling, white noise, various bassinets and co-sleepers, warming up his sleeping space prior to putting him in, putting him down awake, groggy, fast asleep, but he would cry and not stay asleep. He now sleeps in his crib for naps and at night. Most nights, he wakes up for only one or two feedings and is able to go back to sleep on his own. Patricia created a clear and structured sleep plan for us to implement and was extremely helpful in giving directions along the way. Although it was not an easy transition for all of us, having Patricia's reassurance, support and expertise enabled us to successfully make the changes we desperately needed. Her warmth, kindness and patience were especially helpful for me as an anxious new mother. Having a routine to follow and getting sleep has made my son happier and has enabled us to function as a family. Patricia is wonderful!


Sunny C. RN, CCRN, BSN


Patricia approaches every baby differently. She wanted to understand our specific routine, home setup, feeding habits and many other details before giving any advice. She has the warmth and care of an understanding mother and the sharp analysis of a clinical diagnostician. She is firm yet understanding and sets completely clear guidelines for the parent to follow. At just 7 weeks old, Patricia had us on a consistent bedtime routine. I am not exaggerating when I say by the second night Livia was in the swing and sleeping through the night with one quick nighttime feed. At 6 months, Livia suffered a sleep regression, I immediately contacted Patricia who set us on the right path once again. By the second night, we were back to sleeping through the night. Every now and then we still reference those guidelines and her words "always be consistent" have become a mantra in our household. I cannot thank Patricia enough for what she has done for my daughter. If anyone out there is having any sleep issues with their baby don't think twice about contacting Patricia. Do it immediately you will absolutely not regret it.


Amedea I.


My husband and I hired Patricia to help with a variety of sleep issues with our 4 month old daughter. Patricia evaluated our situation and made us a custom plan for helping our daughter learn to fall asleep on her own, sleep longer stretches at night, and nap consistently. She also gave us tons of support, making sticking to the plan totally possible. Her approach was humane and pragmatic and our daughter responded right away. Within two days our baby was averaging 6 hours of sleep at a time overnight. Once the support ended, we both felt confident to continue Patricia’s plan on our own. Before we hired Patricia we were both sleep-deprived, overwhelmed and flailing. After working with her all three of us were happier and less fussy! I am a family nurse practitioner and didn’t know half of what Patricia knows about infant sleep. I definitely plan on recommending her to my patients with infant and young child sleep problems - she is an invaluable resource.


Emily B., FNP


I contacted Patricia because I'd already heard great things about her. And yet, she exceeded all our expectations in a short amount of time. My 10 months daughter slept great initially, but at around 6 months, getting her down to sleep started getting harder, especially for naps. She simply didn't know how to get herself down, and she would either nurse to sleep or would cry indefinitely, which we did not want! When Patricia came over, she took the time to get to know our situation and my daughter's personality. She gently guided our baby through her morning nap. And already for her second nap, our baby put herself to sleep! And very shortly thereafter, she loved going in her crib, whereas before she simply hated it. These days, our daughter puts herself down for naps and nighttime with very little fuss and without crying. Patricia is extremely supportive, gentle, sweet, and non-judgmental. She provides on-call support when you need it, and with her you'll never feel like you don't know what to do or that you are on your own. The plans that she provides are not stressful at all, and they are very gentle on your baby. Thank you, Patricia!


Lucia S.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Patricia and her sleep training. I first hired her to help with our then 18‐month‐old daughter. Our daughter slept through the night, but we had to rock her for at least 30 minutes and she was horrendous at taking naps. Within 3 days of Patricia meeting us, our daughter was going to sleep by herself and was on a strict and working nap schedule. So, when our son recently came along and I was literally getting 2‐3 hours of sleep per night, I emailed Patricia one morning at 4AM in desperation to see if she could help. She came out that day and immediately started to help. Now a week later, our two month old son slept 8 hours last night and is doing great on naps. Her help has literally been life changing for not only me, but my husband and both of our children. Thank you so much Patricia! 


Nichole K.

Audrey & Colton

Sofia, 10 months, was waking up 4 times/night and it was hard because she was cranky during the day and not rested. Her naps were short and her mood wasn't the same. I was very tired and needed to find help. Patricia came to our house, spent good time with us and asked very pointed questions that lead to the solution. Patricia is very sweet and a wonderful listener. She was there for me every day: phone calls, text messages. She wanted to know how things were doing and if we needed to change something. I am very happy for all advices she gave me during the process. She is really engaged and it makes the whole difference to me. Sofia now sleeps through the night, and she is happier and rested. She enjoys her crib and plays in it instead of crying before falling asleep. She lost her tired eyes and her good mood is back! Thank you Patricia!


Juliana O.


After her 3-month growth spurt, we could not get Palmer back on track and sleeping well.  She would not allow herself to fall asleep in her crib, and when we did get her to sleep, it was very difficult to get her to stay sleeping longer than 2-3 hours in a row at night. Patricia helped us strategize how to help Palmer not only get to sleep, but stay sleeping.  She listened to our concerns and worked with our lifestyle to find a plan that we could stick to and find success with. Within 48 hours, we saw a marked improvement, and within a week, we were on a regular schedule that we have been able to stay successful with.  Patricia’s patience during daily calls was so helpful.  She was also a great resource to help us plan for sleeping success during travel and busy times at home when we could not stick to Palmer’s regular schedule.  Patricia has raised the quality of life (and sleep) for our entire family!


Erika E.


Prior to working with Patricia, our daughter who was 3.5 months old had no routine for naps and could only fall asleep in my arms. Her naps lasted no longer than 45 min unless I held her. Patricia created a customized plan for us after a thorough assessment and in just a few days, my daughter had a nap routine, fell asleep on her own, and was waking up only once in the night to feed. 


Patricia always made herself readily available to answer my questions each day and coached me through regular calls and texts. As a first time mom, I found this time with Patricia incredibly valuable. Patricia took the time to get to know and understand our situation and our daughter to design something that would really work for us.


Valerie S.

Patricia is wonderful! I had read baby sleeping books until the pages wore down, but still wasn’t getting a restful and sleeping baby. At 10 months, Hanley still fussed every nap, woke once or twice at night, and was showing classic signs of being overtired. Patricia listened patiently and asked great questions that expressed her sincere concern over my family’s wellbeing and showed her expertise as a sleep coach. After just our initial 15 minute phone call, I implemented Patricia’s suggestion and saw immediate improvement. Patricia came to my home and spent time getting to know Hanley and our family, the sleep challenges we faced, and what resources we had at our disposal. She then put together a simple sleep plan for us to follow. The daily phone calls unearthed parenting issues that has led me to be more confident in all areas of Hanley’s wellbeing, not only sleep. Hanley’s sleep is now as great as what I read in any sleep book, and because of Patricia’s coaching I feel I now have the tools to work through any sleep issue that may arise in the future.


Erin T.


We called Patricia when our twin girls were seven months old and still not sleeping through the night. Their sleep was getting worse, and we were getting desperate. Patricia came to our home and spent time meeting the girls and understanding their schedule and habits. She gave us a customized plan to follow and supported us over phone and email while we implemented it. With Patricia's help, the girls were sleeping through the night in less than a week! Knowing that I could talk to Patricia in the morning helped us get through some of the difficult first nights. Patricia was quick to respond when we had questions and very encouraging and supportive throughout the process. Better sleep at night has made a big difference for our family, and we could not have done it without Patricia's help.


Jessica B.

Claire & Molly

Thanks to Patricia, my third child Kawika is a terrific "sleeper."  Following her advice since his birth, he has built a good sleeping habit at a very early age.  At tenth week, he started to sleep through the night and continues to do so ever since.  I don't need to sing or rock him.  He falls asleep on his own.  He is now 2.5 yrs old and sleeps 10-12 hours every night.

Patricia has great tips for all babies and all situations.  When I was training Kawika, Patricia was with me every step of the way and helped me stay consistent.  Helping a baby sleep well is possible and having Patricia to guide you will make it so much easier.  I was and still am amazed by the results and by Patricia’s approach.


Jenny P.


With her background as a pediatric nurse and her very own parenting experience, Patricia has provided not only the "tricks/tips" to a successful night time sleep for infants, but most importantly to me, she has helped to rebuild my confidence in caring for my two young children.  


My 3-year-old son with eczema had poor quality of night sleep due to itchy skin, which has became a behavioral issue.  All the family has suffered from sleep deprivation for almost 3 years.  With the arrival of my newborn and the older one transitioning to a preschool schedule, Patricia shared her insights about setting up a routine for a family of 4.  She is warm and respectful.  She has the knowledge and experience to address my day-to-day challenges in dealing with my two sons' sleep issues.  She emphasizes the readiness of the whole family, key to successful training.  Within less than a week, my older one can sleep in his own bedroom without waking up much at night.  And my almost 4-month-old baby has slept through the night most nights since I introduced Patricia's recommendation.


Jade L.

Daniel is in his stroller and happy


Daniel is in the garden playing with a wood stick


Spending some time with Patricia was extremely helpful for both my husband and I. We are first time parents and Patricia was able to guide us in helping our son get the best sleep possible. She advised us in finding ways to soothe him back to sleep.  She had us track his sleep in the beginning to find patterns which helped us get on a nap time routine, making nap time so much easier. Not only is our son sleeping better but we are sleeping better too.  


Melissa B.


Our daughter at 9.5 months had only been nursed or bounced to sleep on our yoga ball. She had largely co-slept and not slept in her crib ever. We knew we needed to have her learn to fall asleep on her own, a critical skill, but were not sure where to start. After the interview, Patricia understood we were not prepared to jump off the cliff all at once. She gave us some changes to implement before we started the support period that reflected that to ease our transition to not nursing to sleep and her sleeping in her own crib. Patricia's path was gentle and well thought out. Patricia helped us read our daughter's cries and movements in her crib and understood it was important to provide comfort but with boundaries. After the support period started she was there for support, especially during the day when I was home alone with her for naps. Hearing her cry was toughest when I was alone, but Patricia was there easing my mind and heart. After 3 nights, Naima was only waking once to nurse, down from 2-4 times. And the following night she slept from 7:30pm-7:15am. Even if that had not happened, I know we still were given the tools to continue on without her. About ten days after the support period ended we had a tough time with teething and a developmental leap (she's almost ready to walk!!). We now have the tools to follow our plan and learn from what our daughter is telling us she needs because as we all know, new development means knew challenges. With Patricia’s help, we are ready. 

Elizabeth C.


We are so happy that we reached out to Patricia for help with our 6 month old Maddie's sleep.  Maddie had been a pretty good sleeper until 5 months, when she started waking up every few hours and we really didn't know what to do.  I didn't have time or energy to read all of the sleep books that had been suggested to me, so having Patricia help us create a schedule for Maddie's days and nights was ideal!  Patricia paid great attention to our schedule constraints and proposed a schedule that could really work with our busy professional lives.  The changes didn't seem major and were easy to implement (and the written out version was great to give to our nanny!).  We saw results very quickly, and felt so much better about allowing Maddie to cry for a while to learn to fall back asleep on her own when this was all part of 'the plan' to help her learn to sleep.  After only 7 days, her sleep has improved dramatically to the point that she goes down easily for naps and nighttime sleep, waking only once over night to eat and going back to sleep on her own.  I really can't believe how much of an improvement could be made in so little time!

Shelly G.


Working with Patricia was amazing, and we highly recommend her! 

When we first started working with Patricia, Ellie, 4.5 month old, was waking up 4-5 times in the night and was very dependent on her pacifier to fall asleep. Anytime the pacifier fell out, she would wake up crying. Also, Ellie was going to start daycare soon and I was going to head back to work, so her sleeping habits weren’t going to be sustainable for us in the coming weeks.

As new parents, my husband and I didn’t know where to start on getting Ellie sleeping better, so we reached out to Patricia who was recommended by a friend. 

Once we began working with Patricia, we saw results very quickly. On the third night, Ellie only woke up to do her feed (3am) and then fell back sleep until 6:30am. By the end of the five days, Ellie had learned to fall asleep without the pacifier at night and during naps, could sleep without waking up at night (minus her feed), and was taking better naps. 

Now, my husband and I are finally getting good sleep at night -- all because of Patricia’s help and guidance. 


Jessica B.


I’m not sure I can put into words just how thankful I am to have found Patricia. Patricia is a dream come true. Her unbelievable knowledge about sleep and wellbeing are only surpassed by her kindness and calmness. All of which is the perfect compliment to a frazzled family after 9 months of not sleeping.

My son Leland was a really good sleeper for the first 3+ months, but after that things went in another direction. We were up anywhere from 3-8 times a night.  I had friends that used the cry-it-out method on their kids of a similar age, but when we tried it, it ended with all of us crying. So I reached out to Patricia. BEST DECISION EVER!!! With Patricia’s guidance Leland went from being up 6 times a night to sleeping through the night in 2 days! He has become an incredible sleeper. We have become a happier family. Everyone wins!

Patricia felt like having a friend that has read every important book you would want to read, plus a 20+ year background in nursing, plus a deep calming kindness that immediately makes you feel better. I couldn’t ask for a better guide for the bumpy road known as parenthood.

Plus- she even gave us pointers for our 5 year old son and now he is sleeping even better. I have told every person I know who has a baby or is pregnant about Patricia. I don’t want any other parent to feel as defeated, frustrated, confused and exhausted as we did. I only want them to feel the joy and happiness we now feel. 


Misha & Kenny K.


It’s difficult to convey just how much Patricia helped—and continues to help—our family over the past seven months. When our son Emmett was around three months old, he started sleeping terribly, waking up every hour during the night. We tried to wait out what we hoped was an infamous “regression,” but after nearly three months of terrible sleep, we knew we needed some outside help. It’s such a sad irony to have so much information at your fingertips (WebMD! AAP! Baby Center! Mommy blogs!), and to feel absolutely overwhelmed, helpless, and alone. 


If only we’d called Patricia sooner! After her visit to our home, we felt immediately more in control and optimistic. She gave us thoughtful, personalized tips related to Emmett’s sleeping, eating, and other daily routines. Along with a suggested schedule, she also sent a list of recommended items to make Emmett’s room more conducive to good sleep. When we started the week of support with Patricia, Emmett almost immediately started sleeping somuch better. Not only was he more comfortable and secure in his new sleep space, but we were implementing healthy, comforting routines during the day and night. To this day—six months later—Emmett is a great sleeper: He sleeps twelve hours solid through the night and takes two good naps during the day. We still call and email Patricia occasionally for advice when we’ve had questions about traveling, nap transitions, and other milestones.


The most important, and, I think, unique, aspect about Patricia’s support is that she truly addresses the whole situation: the whole child, the whole family, and the whole environment. From the beginning, I felt as though Patricia knew Emmett, understood him, and knew and understood our family; I trusted her implicitly. This is not to say that Patricia gave us lots of strict rules or directed our parenting with a heavy hand. On the contrary: Patricia, like the very best teachers, gave us the tools and the confidence to trust ourselves. As new parents, we have questions almost every day, but Patricia’s nuanced, sensitive, and positive guidance has taught us how to approach new challenges—sleep-related and otherwise.

Anne-Marie & Nick F.



We were feeling a lot of guilt because we started Grayson in daycare at 10 weeks old.  This guilt translated into nursing him to sleep every night, with a dream feed around midnight and another feed at 3am.  Grayson learned to associate this with comfort, and at the time, we were fine with this.  However, once he got his first full-blown cold at around 7 months, Grayson needed to be comforted more by Mom throughout the night, which led to Mom and Grayson co-sleeping on the couch every night.  He got over his cold, but the new sleep routine remained. This was when we contacted Patricia through the recommendation of a friend.  

We were cautiously optimistic about the process, but Mom was at her wit's end and could no longer keep up this routine while trying to maintain a full-time job. From the very first conversation we had with Patricia, it became immediately clear that she had compassion for the parents and this would translate to nurtured guidance throughout the process. 

When Patricia visited our home, she asked thoughtful questions and based on our conversation, she was able to intuit many of the challenges we were facing. While observing our interactions with Grayson, she indicated that we were taking a balanced approach with our parenting, and that this was a sign both he and we were ready to begin the process.

Patricia provided us with a personalized plan that was tailored to Grayson's specific needs, which included training him to disassociate nursing with sleep. While the first night was challenging, it paid immediate dividends. Within 3 days, we was able to fall asleep on his own within minutes, and remain asleep throughout the night. 


We couldn't be more thankful for Patricia's help. She empowered all of us. Grayson is now comfortable with his emotions, and can work through them in order to fall asleep on his own - not only at home, but also at daycare. Mom is able to sleep in her own bed again, and more importantly, able to sleep for a reasonable stretch during the night. Both Mom and Dad are now able to unwind after the day, and spend quality time with each other. 

Jade & Kyoung K.



Patricia was amazing in helping me sleep train my five-month-old baby girl. After having two other kids, I thought I would easily be able to sleep train my third baby on my own. But I found myself second-guessing my methods and nothing seemed to work to get my daughter down in the evening without breast-feeding her for a minimum of two hours. Also she would not nap unless she was in the baby carrier and when I did put her down in her crib she would only sleep 20 to 30 minute increments. After having Patricia over our house she was able to identify very quickly what we needed to do to get Lyla to sleep at night without the prolonged breast-feeding and get her in her crib for naps. Within a couple days, Lyla was able to go down for the night within 20 minutes of breast-feeding. The naps took a little longer but now Lyla is going down in her crib without crying and sleeping for anywhere from 45 min to 2.5 hours. Patricia was very gentle in her approach but also encouraged me to be consistent. I also appreciated her concern for my feelings when guiding me. I had worked with another sleep trainer with my second son but it was very harsh and was not effective. I can’t thank Patricia enough for everything she’s done for our family. I’m able to watch TV with my husband in the evenings again! Thank you so much Patricia!!

Monica G.



When we started working with Patricia, our son Liam was 16 months, had trouble napping during the day by himself and was not sleeping through the night. It had been weeks since we had a full night's sleep without him waking up. After a few days of sleep training we noticed a great change in Liams sleep pattern, which also correlated with a change in his behavior. For instance, we used to have a hard time changing his diaper but within a few days it became less of a chore and more of an interactive experience. He was also willing to try new variations and flavors during meal time. Liam’s ability to sleep through the night and take naps by himself, allowed us to have a more of a structural  and scheduled approach to the day, which we desperately needed. We cannot thank Patricia enough for her guidance throughout the sleep training process but also in helping change his demeanor and guiding us on how to respond and interact with him more efficiently. After working with Patricia, I feel confident as a parent that the steps and advice implemented will work throughout Liam’s toddler years and beyond. It was a pleasure working with Patricia and she gets my highest recommendation!

Jerrica P.